Civic Tech responds to the coronavirus crisis

The Association Civic Tech Europe (ACTE) gathers organizations developing civic and citizen-oriented technological solutions.

"Facing the unprecedented health crisis, elections are being postponed and parliaments have been forced to suspend regular work.

Measures of confinement, though necessary, are a challenge for democracies: new ways of expression and civic engagements need to be created

- Julie de Pimodan, President of ACTE

In this context,  ACTE’s members reaffirm their commitments and values:

● Enable the continuity of European democracies and citizens’ participation

● Play our part in helping governments, authorities, and citizens  respond to this crisis, supported by technology

● Through our tools, to imagine the after-crisis with our users

All the dedicated initiatives and regular tools of our members and partners are listed on this page. Please do not hesitate to contact them or ACTE for further information (

Here are ACTE's members and partners 

available to help democracy during this crisis


Civocracy (Germany)

Enabling a society based on collaboration and inclusion 

Through technology and high expertise, Civocracy supports the public sector and a variety of organizations across Europe to massively and collaboratively engage their community around the issues they care about. 

The ThinkTank FoE, in collaboration with NATO and the EU commission, has mobilised on our platform 3 years in a row thousands of experts, politicians and civil society members to brainstorm on Europe's most pressing security issues and put forward concrete policies for implementation. Empowered by our unique methodology, cities, and regions like Lyon, Strasbourg, Potsdam, and North-Holland, have entered into a long-term dialogue with their citizens around such crucial topics as climate change, education, disability or migration. Impact-driven, we are committed during this crisis to offer our solution for organizations who want to provide their community a continuous way of dialogue and engagement.

Fluicity (France and Belgium)


Connecting citizens and their representatives across borders

Laureate of the MIT Innovation Award, Fluicity has contracted with dozens of governments and institutions across Europe to improve dialogue between citizens and governments. The solution works as a marketplace where citizens can ask questions and propose ideas to their institutions. On the other side, elected representatives can inform citizens and consult them on priority topics. The solution dramatically increased the level of trust between citizens and client institutions in key European territories such as Paris, Bruxelles and Nice. In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, Fluicity has developed an emergency response management technology immediately available for governments during the state of emergency.

Quorum (France)


Supporting those shaping the future 

Quorum is a citizen mobilisation platform and a mobile app that powers hundreds of organisations to engage and mobilise their community of citizens, volunteers, and supporters on the field. 

The solution empowers movements, campaigns, NGOs, but also local governments to help them turn anyone into an active and participating citizen. Data management, citizen relationship management, community empowerment, field organising; Quorum helps organisations to harness the power of their communities, manage data in ways that really use them, and reach citizens who don’t usually participate.

In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, Quorum is committed to offering its tech and solutions for those tackling the crisis on the field: we make it easier for nonprofit workers and cities to stay in touch with their communities and provide efficient ways of organising teams of volunteers on the field to respond to the crisis. (France)

Massively engaging citizens in order to positively transform our society has developed a unique digital consultation tool allowing massive citizen participation on an open question, with clear and actionable results focusing on consensus. Our online consultations can be followed by a phase turning these consensuses into concrete actions.

In 2019, launched “WeEuropeans” - the largest online public consultation ever carried out in Europe, and has received the “Talent Award for Democracy” for this initiative. In order to tackle the current crisis, helps the French Red Cross and by connecting them with thousands of potential volunteers. Our platform is also suitable for large-scale responses to the crisis, helping to build solutions with citizens, institutions, media, and NGOs.

Novoville (Greece)

One mobile front door for local government services  

Novoville has been helping more than 65 cities around Europe (Athens, Birmingham, Edinburgh) offer access to their services through digital mediums and create a more meaningful relationship with citizens. Their flagship app serves as a single and open access point for local services, city issues, payments, and even parking. With the app, residents and visitors easily submit requests, volunteer, get help, report problems and express their opinions on important issues. In addition, local authorities instantly notify citizens about events, public consultations, or emergencies from within their management dashboard.

Within a year of pilot operation, Novoville has shown to reduce call center volume by 35%, increase engagement by 200% and maintain a 65% re-engagement rate with citizens. Novoville is fully cloud-hosted and can be deployed without technical integration within a week. The app supports varied use cases and can be customized to suit the needs of any local authority. Novoville currently supports towns and cities with populations between 6,000 and 800,000. 

Cap Collectif (France)

Make smarter decisions in the digital era

Cap Collectif is a French startup that aims at supporting decision-makers who want to change their decision-making process towards more transparency and inclusion. To do that, we provide decision-makers with a fully customizable online platform integrating 8 different tools, each dedicated to a specific participatory process (consultation, suggestion box, participatory budgeting, survey, etc.). In 2019, Cap Collectif launched the «Grand Débat» with the French government, collecting 2 million contributions, and has received the «Talent Award for France». Cap Collectif currently works with more than 200 local governments, NGOs and private companies all over the world.


NationBuilder (USA)

Software designed to power your organizations, movements, and campaigns

Founded in 2009, NationBuilder is a community organizing software that powers thousands of organizations, movements, and campaigns all over the world.
NationBuilder is offering free software and services for the course of this critical period to those organizing essential services and provisioning emergency response for the global pandemic.
Find out how NationBuilder can help with your emergency response strategy and activate your free account. (France)

Mutual Aid Network in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak (“on the frontline”) is a free online solidarity network that was launched on March 15th 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis in France. It aims to provide mobilised professionals, whose work is vital to the fight against the virus, with support in their daily tasks (babysitting, grocery shopping etc.). The platform is also opened to isolated and vulnerable people in need (elderly people, people with health conditions etc). It puts them in touch with volunteers living in the same geographical area. 

We would be delighted to share our experience and support foreign initiatives to develop similar tools abroad. To support projects, we’ve launched a dedicated international taskforce.  Feel free to contact us at